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Residential Carer Paid Position

Jonathan Hayes

Ref: #JOB-2079203
Carers near London. Training provided. Great Pay and Conditions.
 I am a family man paralysed from the shoulders down. As I am totally dependent on others, I employ a minimum of 2 residential carers who enables me to live as normal life in the community as is possible. My wife and carers share two neighbouring houses about 50 km. or 30 min of London. My carers work consists of caring for me, helping in my office and looking after the house where they live. My carers are normally contracted to work (24 hours 16 working 8 on call) two days on and two days off. However, when I have 3 or more carers I arrange alternative schedules, but my carers always work for half the month. They must have a driving licence, be at least 18, non-smoker, patient, flexible and hard-working.
 Many applicants have just graduated from high school (also called secondary school or gymnasium or HF) and are often, but not exclusively, interested in healthcare careers (e.g. medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, midwifery, etc). Applications of any age, gender or ethnic origin are free to apply. 
The working environment is within a modern spacious house, when at home or quality hotels or at my mother’s home in Scotland. When at home each carer has their own bedroom and they share a bathroom, a kitchen and sometimes a sitting room. We do try to travel to Scotland twice a year, where we have close family.  We normally stay at my mother’s house, 20 minutes from the centre of Glasgow, with shopping that matches London.Quality Accommodation & Quality Food are provided, in return for £250 per month.
My carers are paid £11.74 average per hour over 16 hours per day (24 hours dividing it by 16 hours) or £7.83 per hour over 24 hours (working and on-call), Applicants can learn more by e-mailing: j.hayes.care@gmail.com for an Information Pack. 

Career Level
  • Not Required

Candidate Requirements

  • Minimum Experience Required (Years):0
  • Driving Licence: Full B
  • Languages: English B2-Upper intermediate

  • Minimum Qualification: Level 5 (incl Leaving Certificate/ Leaving Certificate Applied/ Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme)
  • Ability Skills: Interpersonal Skills, Personal/Social Care
  • Competency Skills: Collaboration, Flexibility


  • Location: Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom
  • Job Title: Residential Carer
  • Hours: 56 h / week
  • Rate: 11.74 Hourly - € / hour
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