Candidate FAQ

Welcome to the JobsIreland Candidate Help Centre

1. I want to register on JobsIreland but I’m redirected to MyGoviD – why?

MyGovID is an online identity service that enables the access of online services in a safe and secure environment.


At first the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection  will offer services using MyGovID. In addition, the MyGovID service is being made available for use by all Government Departments and agencies and over time the number of Government service providers offering services using MyGovID will increase. In this way, all agencies have shared access to and use of your identity information to make it easier for you to use the full range of Government services.


However, your personal service data is protected and the agencies will not be able to use MyGovID to access each other’s personal customer service information.


Read more here:


You can also review the Frequently Asked Questions here:

2. I am having difficulty completing my registration / logging on to MyGovID. What should I do?

Please email with the details of the difficulty you are experiencing. You may also telephone 1890 927 999.

3. How do I complete a profile?

When you complete the first stage of registration via MyGovID you will be redirected to the JobsIreland candidate web form. This web form contains fields to be completed that are related to your skills & experience and will become your profile.


Your profile is what employers will view when you are matched to their requirements and when you apply for vacancies. The profile must be completed to 100% before you can view and apply for vacancies.


You may save your profile as a draft at any time; you may also revise and update it as often as you wish.


You may also upload a Curriculum Vitae (CV) for employers’ perusal but your profile is what employers see first when you apply for vacancies.


Video help is available here:

4. I am having difficulty completing my profile on JobsIreland. What should I do?

Please ensure you are using a PC or laptop with Windows 7 or higher to complete your profile. Please check that you have completed all sections of the profile – your profile must reach 100% to be considered complete.

  • Personal Details
  • Qualifications
  • Work History: 
    • Summary this is a key piece of your profile as it is displayed to employers whose vacancies you have been matched to and/or applied to. It may therefore influence their decision to review your profile. Please take time & care in completing this section.
    • Employment History – if you have no work history, you may want to record volunteer activities in this area and identify such experience as “Voluntary”. However, if you have no work or voluntary experience you may still complete the profile by completing other sections.
  • Skills: 
    • Languages
    • Additional Skills (e.g. Safepass, HACCP, Manual Handling)
    • Other Skills (e.g. ECDL, .NET, SQL, First Aid)
    • Driving Licences
    • Ability & Competency Skills
    • Career Opportunities
  • Interests
  • Notes

If you are in receipt of a social welfare payment, please ensure that you complete this section fully as it may impact your eligibility for supports.

For security reasons, the system times out after 30 mins. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer v10 or later, Chrome, Firefox.

If you continue to experience issues, please contact the National Contact Centre on 1890 800 024 / +353 (0)1 248 1398 or email for assistance.

5. What does “Do not display my contact details” mean?

If you select this option, employers will not see your name or contact details but may still view your profile. A disadvantage to this is that employers may overlook your profile if they cannot easily communicate with you - candidates who display their details can be contacted through JobsIreland directly.


Furthermore, if you upload a CV and have hidden your contact details, the CV cannot be seen by employers.


If you apply to a vacancy through JobsIreland and an employer sends you a message, when you reply to that message your name becomes visible to employers.


6. How do I apply for vacancies on JobsIreland?

Your profile must be at 100% before you can search for and apply to vacancies on the JobsIreland website. You will then be able to click on the Vacancies option, and use the filters to review positions of interest.

Click “Apply Now” to view the details of any vacancy of interest and follow the instruction(s) regarding the application method required by the employer.

7. How do I apply for a Community Employment Scheme?

Community Employment is an employment programme which helps long-term unemployed people to re-enter the active workforce by breaking the experience of unemployment through a return to work routine. The programme assists participants to enhance & develop both technical and personal skills which can then be used in the workplace.


To apply for a Community Employment Scheme, you need to take note of the CES vacancy number from the advert and go to your local DEASP Employment/Intreo Office. The DEASP officer will check your eligibility before placing your name on a submissions list. This will be passed on to the CE Supervisor who should contact you in due course.


The criteria for participating on the Community Employment programme are based on age and length of time in receipt of various welfare payments. Eligibility to participate on CE is generally linked to those who are 21 years or over and applicants must also be in receipt of a qualifying Irish social welfare payment for 1 year or more.


8. What is the Matched folder?

This folder contains the links to vacancies against which your profile has been matched. This means that the employer has set certain requirements on the vacancy that appear to match those set by you on your profile.


When you match a vacancy the employer can see your Summary (set in Work History section of profile) and can link to your profile and consider your suitability.


When you apply to a vacancy against which you have been matched, employers can contact you directly through JobsIreland. The same applies to vacancies against which you are not matched but have applied.


The ‘Matched’ folder is updated nightly.


9. How do I keep track of vacancies I have applied for?

When you login, select Vacancies, Applied Vacancies.

10. What is the Closed folder?

This folder contains the links to vacancies against which you were matched and/or have applied but are now closed for applications.

11. I have applied to vacancies but have had no offers, what next?

Employers may or may not communicate with candidates during a recruitment drive and it is beyond the remit of JobsIreland to oblige them to contact all applicants.


Some points to consider:


Did you apply for vacancies against which your profile was matched?


Check that there are no typing errors on your profile.


Check the Summary you entered in the Work History section – does it sell your skills and abilities sufficiently?


Review the Matched/Closed folders and check whether or not you met all of the employer’s requirements.


If you are in receipt of a DEASP payment, speak to your Case Officer who can suggest how to address skills gaps and/or training needs.