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Thinking About Hiring?

Thinking about hiring? Find the right candidates with the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.


Looking to hire, but worried about costs and the time it will take to source the right candidate? Now is the time to consider the free recruitment services and cash incentives available to employers from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.


As the economy recovers, businesses need to put in place plans for the future – and there has never been a better time to recruit new staff. Your employees are your most valuable resource, but finding the right person to join your team can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. We are here to help. Whether you are looking for the best of local talent or conducting a Europe-wide search, our end-to-end recruitment service can significantly reduce the cost and effort of recruitment.


For small firms, especially those without a dedicated HR Department, taking that first step is often daunting. Can I afford to take someone on? Where should I advertise a job vacancy – and how much will it cost? Do I have the time to screen and shortlist applicants for interview? We have designed our services to help you on each step of the recruitment journey – and it’s all totally free of charge!


JobsIreland online vacancy handling service


You can advertise a job vacancy free of charge through www.jobsireland.ie, one of the largest online job vacancy services in the country. JobsIreland supports thousands of employers of all sizes and across all business sectors to advertise jobs from entry level through to senior executive. Candidate profiles in our database are automatically matched against your requirements and both you and the candidate notified when a suitable match is found. Candidates can also apply for vacancies online. You can use this web service to manage all aspects of the recruitment cycle – from advertising the job, through candidate identification and selection to job offer. 


Intreo recruitment services



Our nationwide Intreo service provides a one-stop-shop for employers and jobseekers. Services for employers include candidate matching, pre-selection and referral. Our local Employer Engagement teams can also provide advice on supports and services including cash incentives like JobsPlus for recruiting unemployed people in receipt of Jobseeker payments and other workplace supports for employees with a disability.


Employer Engagement teams have managed recruitment campaigns for start-up companies as well as supporting well-established firms to fill vacancies. Find your local Intreo Centre or local Employer Engagement Manager on www.welfare.ie


European Employment Services (EURES)


Employers who have difficulty recruiting staff in Ireland can access jobseekers in other EU and EEA countries. The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection is part of the EURES network that links the databases of all European Public Employment Services. Our staff also provide information and advice on recruiting candidates. Funding is available to assist your employees to develop language and other skills abroad or to employ a young person (18-35) from the EU, Norway or Iceland. Check out www.euresireland.ie for more information.


JobsPlus financial incentive 


JobsPlus (www.jobsplus.ie) is a cash payment to employers who offer employment opportunities to jobseekers in receipt of certain social welfare payments. There are two levels of payment:


  • You will receive €7,500 if you recruit an unemployed person who is in receipt of a Jobseeker payment for more than 1 year, or, if under 25 years of age, in receipt of a Jobseeker payment for at least 4 months.
  •  You will be paid €10,000 if you recruit a person who has been in receipt of a Jobseeker payment for more than 2 years.


The incentive is paid directly into your bank account in monthly instalments over a two year period while the employee remains in your employment. 


To qualify, the job must be full time (over 30 hours per week, for at least four days per week) and be a new position or a vacancy arising as a consequence of natural turnover such as retirement (i.e. not displace an existing employee). You must be fully compliant with Irish tax and employment laws.


Become an approved JobsPlus employer by completing the online application form on www.jobsplus.ie. Prospective employees can also apply online to verify their eligibility.


A More Inclusive Approach to Employment


Being an inclusive and disability-friendly employer has many benefits. A number of practical supports and allowances are available to your company to support the participation of people with a disability in the workforce. If you have not employed a person with a disability before, or wish to retain an employee who has acquired an impairment or illness, we can provide funding to assist you, e.g.


  • The EmployAbility Service
  • The Disability Awareness Training Support Scheme
  • The Willing Able Mentoring Scheme
  • The Wage Subsidy Scheme
  • The Reasonable Accommodation Fund


Details of our full range of employer supports is available on www.welfare.ie or connect with our employer team today at employer@welfare.ie