Skills to Succeed


Skills to Succeed Academy on JobsIreland


Build your employability skills and confidence through the Skills to Succeed Academy.


 The Skills to Succeed Academy is a free, innovative and interactive online training programme to help young people to choose the right career and to find and keep a job.


 Through interactive training including videos, quizzes, and simulations you can improve your skills and increase your confidence. The training will help you on your career journey by helping you with:


You and Career: Learn more about careers
Think about what influences your career choice
Understand what makes you tick
Getting a Job: Identify your skills
Make a good first impress
Research and apply for the right jobs
Create and tailor your CV
Prepare and succeed at interviews
Success in work: Prepare for your new job
What to expect when you start a job
Maintain your motivation and manage your career
Understand relationships & attitudes at work
Learn how to use you Skills to Succeed at Work


Start your Skills to Succeed Journey today by contacting for an access code and a link to the programme.