Support and Services for Employers

Along with JobsIreland, there is an additional range of supports and services available to you at no-cost. Click on the links below for details:

Recruitment and Work Placements


Our network of Intreo offices can be found here. Intreo offers you practical, tailored employment services and supports for Jobseekers and Employers alike.

European Recruitment Service (EURES)

If you wish to broaden your skill base you can access jobseekers in other EU and EEA countries through the EURES portal. EURES can assist by advertising vacancies in Europe via JobsIreland or providing specifically tailored European recruitment projects for individual employers. Contact your EURES Adviser at the Employment Service Office or Intreo Centre for more information.

Join the EURES Network

Would your organization benefit from the European labour market? Is your organization looking to recruit workers with specific skills? How can EURES help you? As a Member or Partner of EURES Ireland you have immediate access to all labour market information, expertise and experience within the European EURES Network.


What is EURES?

EURES, the European Employment Services Network, set up in 1993, was established by the European Commission to facilitate the free movement of workers within the European Union (EU)/ European Economic Area (EEA) countries. The network is composed of: the European Coordination Office (ECO), the National Coordination Offices (NCOs), EURES Partners and the Associated EURES Partners.

The purpose of EURES is to provide information, advice and recruitment/placement (job-matching) services for the benefit of workers and employers as well as any citizen wishing to benefit from the principle of the free movement of persons.

At European Level, EURES is:

  • A co-operation network formed by public employment services in all EU/EEA countries
  • 1,000+ specially trained European EURES advisers
  • European database of employment opportunities
  • CV Database of European Jobseekers

In Ireland, EURES is part of the European Employment Services of the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP).


Who can apply?

EURES Member

An organisation lawfully operating in a Member State may apply to become a EURES Member. If an organisation is not established in Ireland, it must have an entity in Ireland in order to be considered. An organisation applying to become a EURES Member shall, in its application, undertake to fulfil all the obligations addressed to Members under Regulation (EU) 2016/589, including


  • Contributing to the pool of job vacancies.
  • Contributing to the pool of job applications and CVs.
  • Providing support services to workers and employers



EURES Partner


An organisation lawfully operating in a Member State may apply to become a EURES Partner. If an organisation is not established in Ireland, it must have an entity in Ireland in order to be considered. An organisation applying to become a EURES Partner shall, in its application, undertake to fulfil all the requirements to which EURES Partners are subject under Regulation (EU) 2016/589, and also justify that it can fulfil no more than two of the obligations listed above on the grounds of the scale; financial resources and nature of the services normally provided including being a not-for-profit organisation.



Benefits of joining the EURES network


  • Access to labor market information from the various member countries.
  • Access to all job vacancies and CVs on the EURES portal.
  • Connecting to the activities and plans of other members and partners.
  • Build your organisation’s expertise.
  • Working under the EURES brand; use of EURES name and logo.
  • National and European training programs for your EURES advisors.


How to apply?

Complete the Quick Check questionnaire  Download  to see if your organization is eligible to apply to join the EURES network. If you have answered more questions with “yes” than with “no”, your organisation is eligible to apply.

If you have any queries please email or

Advice for SMEs

Supporting SMEs online guide is part of the Irish Government's Supporting SMEs campaign, to increase awareness of the range of Government supports for start-ups and small businesses.  Answer a few simple questions to find out which supports could possibly fit your business

Financial Supports


JobsPlus is a cash grant to employers who recruit long-term unemployed people. JobsPlus offers up to €10,000 for each qualifying recruit, payable on a monthly basis directly into your bank account over a two year period.

Workplace Support Schemes

Being an inclusive and disability-friendly employer has many benefits.  You get access to a wider pool of employees and you are more likely to hold on to experienced staff in the event that they acquire a disability.  A number of practical supports and allowances are available to your company to proactively assist the participation of people with a disability in the workforce:

Disability Awareness Training Support Scheme

The Disability Awareness Training Support Scheme provides funding so that employers can buy in Disability Awareness Training for their staff.  The purpose of the training is to deliver clear and accurate information about disability and to address questions or concerns that employers and employees may have about working with people with disabilities.

Wage Subsidy Scheme

The Wage Subsidy Scheme provides financial incentives to employers, outside the public sector, to employ disabled people who work more than 20 hours per week.

A person on the Wage Subsidy Scheme is subject to the same conditions of employment as other employees. These conditions include PRSI contributions, annual leave, tax deductions and the going rate for the job.

Reasonable Accommodation Fund

Under the Reasonable Accommodation Fund, theDepartment of Employment Affairs and Social Protection can also help employers to take appropriate measures to enable a person with a disability/impairment to have access to employment by providing the following grants and schemes:

•   Employee Retention Grant Scheme
•   Workplace Equipment Adaptation Grant
•   Personal Reader Grant
•   Job Interview Interpreter Grant